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Some news from Terminotix


Yesterday I received the latest edition of the LogiTerm newsletter. You can download it here. There are some interesting announcements:

  • Agreement with SYSTRAN:
    Terminotix has entered into an agreement with SYSTRAN to  add  machine  translation  solutions  to  the  Terminotix product  line.
  • YouAlign completely free:
    YouAlign, the   text   alignment   website   launched   by Terminotix in August 2009, was supposed to be free for a limited time only, but is now completely free. YouAlign lets you  quickly  and  easily  create  HTML  bitext  and  TMX translation memory files from pairs of input files. Bitext and translation  memory  files  generated  by  YouAlign  can  be downloaded for use with bilingual full-text search engines and translation memory systems. No software to install — everything  is  done  through  your  web  browser.
  • SynchroTerm 2010 released:
    The 2010 release of SynchroTerm, the powerful bilingual term extraction program, is now available. Enhancements include  optimized  memory  use  for  handling  larger  files; support  for  Greek,  Dutch,  Hungarian,  Norwegian,  Polish and Turkish;

YouAlign beta – Free (for now) online document alignment solution

imageTerminotix recently launched YouAlign beta, a text alignment service. Powered by the company’s AlignFactory engine, this solution allows to create bilingual files from a source and a target text. Here is some more information from their website:


No software to purchase, no software to install. With YouAlign you can quickly and easily create bitexts from your archived documents. A YouAlign bitext contains a document and its translation aligned at the sentence level. YouAlign generates TMX files that can be loaded into your translation memory. YouAlign can also generate HTML files that you can publish on the Internet, or use with a full-text search engine to search for terminology and phraseology in context.

YouAlign, in its beta version, is being offered as a free service for a limited time only.

YouAlign is powered by the LogiTerm AlignFactory engine, which supports all kinds of formats, including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, PDF, HTML, XML, Corel WordPerfect, RTF, Lotus WordPro and plain text.

YouAlign – Welcome

Bitext2tmx – free text aligner and TMX exporter

1210425608-clip-37kb.pngBitext2tmx is a program written in Java (and therefore cross-platform) that allows to segment and align corresponding translated sentences from plain text files and generate a TMX translation memory for use in computer-assisted translation applications.

The program is quite straightforward: once you have two TXT files (the source document and the corresponding translation) open Bitext2tmx, then choose File > Open, choose the source and target TXT files and set the relevant languages and encodings (UTF-8 is supported).

The text files are opened in the program window, where you can fine-tune the alignment by joining, splitting or deleting rows. There is also a command for deleting empty rows.When the text looks properly aligned, choose File > Save as to save the aligned texts as a TMX (v 1.1) memory file that you can then import into the translation environment of your choice.

Compared to its commercial siblings, like Trados WinAlign, Bitext2tmx is pretty basic and lacks the powerful functions and granularity offered by a full-fledged aligner. However, the program delivered a TMX memory as advertised and, given the price, it is a useful tool for lightweight alignment work.

Bitext2tmx requires a A Java Runtime Environment (JRE) and is released as free software under the GPL license.

bitext2tmx: a bitext aligner/converter