Some news from Terminotix

Yesterday I received the latest edition of the LogiTerm newsletter. You can download it here. There are some interesting announcements: Agreement with SYSTRAN: Terminotix has entered into an agreement with SYSTRAN to  add  machine  translation  solutions  to  the  Terminotix product  line. YouAlign completely free: YouAlign, the   text   alignment   website   launched   by Terminotix in August 2009, was […]

L10NWorks offers a good selection of web-based and downloadable localization tools

The Tools section of the L10NWorks website contains a wealth of free resources for translation and localization professionals. The list is neatly divided into logical categories such as Encoding, QA Tools, etc. and is easy to navigate. Some of the tools do not need any download or install: You upload your data (the site promises […]

Okapi Framework (localization tools) release 00022

The Okapi Framework has recently received a general update and is now available as release 00022. Part of Okapi is the TMX editor Olifant, a utility that I strongly recommend to all translators who use translation environments / CAT tools. Below is a brief description of the various components and their main functionalities. Rainbow – […]

Lingobit Localizer 6.0 (software localization tool) available

Here is the changelog for version 6: New parsers for source code localization: Java, C++, PHP, Perl, Java Script, VB Script, Symbian LOC and RLS files, SQL. Samples for all major platforms and common localization scenarios Now you can translate Style, StyleEx in Win32 applications .NET, MFC and VCL: Flipping for Right-To-Left (RTL) languages localization […]

Radialix 2 – Software localization tool

This looks like a promising localization tool that includes several features, among which translation memory, and that has an affordable price. Below are the specifications. The Radialix website contains detailed descriptions and screenshots of all the main features. Localize PE32, PE32+ files, .NET assemblies, resources and INI files Localize .NET applications that do not support […]

Alchemy Catalyst 8.0 localization environment pre-announced

In a message sent out today to current users, Alchemy announced the imminent release of its localization environment Catalyst 8. Alchemy’s website does not seem to contain any information about version 8 yet. The main problem with previous versions of Catalyst, in my opinion, is the overdone attempt of making its interface user-friendly through floating […]

Compendium of translation software: directory of commercial MT and

The Compendium is a long list of  translation environment and machine translation tools, sorted by product name and by supplier, and containing links to the relevant websites. At 100+ pages, this PDF file is a very exhaustive source of information for people interested in computer-assisted and machine translation. New entries are in green.   Compendium […]

Globalizer.NET localization tool

Globalizer.NET provides a complete solution for localizing software built using Microsoft’s .NET development platform. Here some of the features, straight from the developer’s information page: Globalizer.NET can be used to localize ASP.NET and Windows Forms applications and components written in Visual Studio 2005 and 2008 using C#, VB.NET and C++. Globalizer.NET can localize the Windows […]

SDL Passolo Upgrade “Amnesty” for users of versions 3 and 4 of the localization tool

SDL today announced a so-called “amnesty” upgrade for users of older version of their recently acquired localization tool Passolo. Quoting from the announcement: We continue our offers with an upgrade amnesty for all the PASSOLO veterans, still working with PASSOLO 3 and 4: Upgrade now to one of our special offers such as SDL Passolo […]