Dynamic Translation Memory: Using Statistical Machine Translation to improve Translation Memory Fuzzy Matches

I came across this interesting paper by Ergun Biçici 1 and Marc Dymetman. In short: The paper proposes to perform this automation in the following  way: a phrase-based Statistical Machine  Translation  (SMT)  system (trained on  a  bilingual  corpus  in the same domain as the TM) is combined with the TM fuzzy match, by extracting from […]

Some news from Terminotix

Yesterday I received the latest edition of the LogiTerm newsletter. You can download it here. There are some interesting announcements: Agreement with SYSTRAN: Terminotix has entered into an agreement with SYSTRAN to  add  machine  translation  solutions  to  the  Terminotix product  line. YouAlign completely free: YouAlign, the   text   alignment   website   launched   by Terminotix in August 2009, was […]

TAUS: What you don’t (want to) know [about Google Translation Toolkit]

Jaap van der Meer of TAUS (Translation Automation User Society) says in his recent post about Google Translation Toolkit: Translators using the Translation Toolkit ‘share’ their translations with Google. If 100,000 translators start using the service, Google will be harvesting 50 billion words of good quality translation data per year to help Google improve their […]

Google Translator Toolkit

This link came through Twitter this morning. Google has taken one more step towards implementing a web-based translation environment that supports both human and computer-generated translations. Here is a brief description from Google Translator Toolkit Help: Google Translator Toolkit is part of our effort to make information universally accessible through translation. Google Translator Toolkit helps […]

Microsoft Translator: machine translation for Microsoft Office documents

The Microsoft Research Machine Translation (MSR-MT) Team Blog has published some details about a translation plug-in for Microsoft Office. Now you can translate your Microsoft Office documents with Microsoft Translator – right within Office! You can translate words, phrases, or even your entire document, through the Research task pane. We blogged about setting this up […]

TranSphere hybrid machine translation system for Windows

AppTek, a developer of software for human language technology, has completed its hybrid machine translation (HMT) system for both Windows server and 32-bit Windows for PC. AppTek’s TranSphere HMT system is a full integration of statistical and rule-based methodologies. Via MultiLingual Computing, Inc., News Tweet

SpeechTechMag.com: AppTek Launches Hybrid Machine Translation Software

The Speech Technology Magazine contains an article about AppTek’s hybrid machine translation software. Here’s a brief excerpt: According to Hassan Sawaf, chief scientist at AppTek, the company’s hybrid model is unlike any other system on the market today—a fact that has lead some universities to attempt to copy the hybrid model. “Even if companies attempt […]

Global Watchtower – Article on rule-based machine translation

The Global Watchtower blog contains a post about recent developments in rule-based MT. For a brief overview of rules-based MT as opposed to its competing technology, statistical MT, about the differences between the two approaches and why they might matter to technical translators, see also the following Wikipedia links: Tweet

LTD Newsletter 4/2008 is Out

ATA’s Language Technology Division Newsletter issue 4/2008 is available. Here are the featured articles: Can I Remove a Word from Office’s Speller Dictionary?, by Thierry Fontenelle If you ever wanted to improve Office’s spell-checker, here are some suggestions for you. ATA Language Technology Division Annual Meeting Minutes taken by Laurie Gerber. Trados Tip, by Tuomas […]

Twitter (semi-)automated translation

The following site offers machine translation of Twitter messages. What’s interesting about this service, at least on paper, is the fact that the user’s Twitter messages can be reviewed and edited by followers. Worldwide Lexicon Twitter Translator Translate your Twitter feed! We translate your tweets using machine translation, and your followers can edit or replace […]