Thoughts On Translation blog: Resources for free and open source software users

Corinne McKay’s blog contains a useful post about free and open-source resources for translators. I have posted a comment to her post, but I’m re-posting it here because I think it’s relevant to this blog. Perhaps Linux “live CDs” are a good option for Windows users who have doubts about switching to Linux from Windows […]

Anaphraseus (free, open-source, multi-platform translation memory tool based on OpenOffice) version 1.23 beta released

Here is a previous mini-review I wrote about this program. These are the improvements added in this beta version: Clean Up in text tables OmegaT TMX format loading. Slight changes in TM loading code. Simple statistic. Big icons for Ubuntu and MacOS Fixed bug in creation *.ini file on Linux Fixed bug in Vista open/save […]

Tool to translate Trados TagEditor (TTX) files using OmegaT

Kevin Lossner of the Translation Tribulations blog reports the release of “Toxic”, a tool by the OmegaT developers that should allow translators to use OmegaT for translating files saved in TagEditor. The script, which includes a “readme” instruction file, is available here: Via Translation Tribulations: Toxic for OmegaT! Tweet

Translator handbook for open-source projects

The YACS (yet another community system) blog contains a Translator handbook section that can be useful to translators interested in contributing to the translation effort of open-source projects. Although the posts date back to 2007 and some instructions are specific to the YACS system, they can be useful to translators who are starting their first […]