Virtaal 0.3.0 released

Virtaal, a powerful desktop CAT tool and Translate Toolkit, providing QA, format conversion and support (PO, Java .properties, OpenOffice, Mozilla, XLIFF, TMX, TBX, CSV, Qt .ts) There are far too many improvements to list, but some of the new features include: * Suggestions from several sources of translation memory, including * A localisation tutorial […]

Jost Zetzsche video – Reconvergence of MT and TM

The ATA Language Technology Division page contains an interesting video featuring  Jost Zetzsche. In the video, Jost explains how machine translation has rapidly evolved from a separate, quite isolated technology into a new concept that is very much integrated in other translation tools and systems used by human translators. Jost goes on explaining the three main supporting […]

MemoQ 3.2.17 announced

New build available on Kilgray’s website or, if you enabled automatic update, it will be downloaded and installed in the background. Pleased to see that a bug that we reported is solved. (You only need the server installers if you are running a MemoQ server. The small download does not contain the […]

Compendium of translation software: directory of commercial MT and

The Compendium is a long list of  translation environment and machine translation tools, sorted by product name and by supplier, and containing links to the relevant websites. At 100+ pages, this PDF file is a very exhaustive source of information for people interested in computer-assisted and machine translation. New entries are in green.   Compendium […]

Navigating in a New Era: Translators in the Age of Image and Speech

The translation companies began investing in the various CAT tool programs approximately ten years ago. They have been steadily storing up growing “libraries” of source-language documents with their translations. This means that the types and quantities of text that can be processed with the help of these programs are expanding steadily. It also means that […]

Systran and MultiCorpora integrate technologies for increased translation quality and volume

Systran and MultiCorpora integrate technologies for increased translation quality and volume Gatineau, QC, Canada – January 8, 2009: MultiCorpora announced today that it has signed a technology and OEM agreement with Systran to add machine translation functionality to the MultiTrans client-server application. via Systran and MultiCorpora integrate technologies for increased translation quality and volume. Tweet

Virtaal translation tool launched

The Translate Toolkit website reports the launch of Virtaal, a “graphical translation tool”. Here is a list of features: Support for many localization file formats: Gettext (.po and .mo) XLIFF (.xlf) TMX TBX WordFast TM (.txt) Qt Linguist (.ts) Qt Phrase Book (.qph) Ideal for beginners: Simple and intuitive layout Highlighting of XML and escape […]

MemoQ 3.0 announced

Kilgray announced version 3.0 of MemoQ. In short, here are some of the new features: Client: Full support for XLIFF New spell checker New term base Filtering locked/unlocked segments. New XML filter Support for proofreading Server: Online document management add-in Enterprise license management New terminology moderation interface Server TM hit limit (you can specify the […]

Anaphraseus OpenOffice Extension 1.22 beta released

Changelog: * Tested to work with 2.0.2 * Added keyboard modifier selection (Alt, Ctrl, Shift). * Translation in text tables. * Fixed bug in glossary loading. * Source/Target locale now checking against OOo locales. * Glossary and TM items checked before loading * Fixed error 1971835 “TMX export fails if TM has empty paragraphs” […]