demaquina Select: sub-sentence segmentation, propagation etc. on TMX, XLIFF [@joaoalb]

a tweet I “intercepted” today led me to this potentially interesting interesting tool: demaquina Select. from the website: Select is a sidekick tool for preprocessing and boost works on CATs with support for XML Localization Interchange File Format (XLIFF) and Translation Memory Interchange (TMX). Select offers an unequaled sub-sentence free segmentation ability which together with […]

Free PDFUnlock! web service allows to remove limitations from PDF files [@PDFUnlock]

Reference material plays a very important part in most translation projects. We often receive reference files from our clients, and sometimes we have to find them ourselves through web searches or by browsing the client’s website. The management and usage of reference files is one aspect that has been introduced in memoQ’s LiveDocs feature, which […]

Okapi Framework (components and applications for localizing and translating documentation and software) Milestone 9

A new release of the Okapi Tools is available. Also, there is now a wiki for Okapi’s help and documentation: Changes Log – Sep-30-2010 Download page for latest stable release: Main Web site: Google Code Project site: Download page for latest development snapshots: Changes from M8 to M9 Rainbow: Translation […]

Importing the Microsoft Terminology Collection

The latest Tool Kit contains a nice description and details about importing the newly-available Microsoft Terminology Collection into the translation environment of your choice. If your tool does not support the TBX format, however, you will have to transform the data into the proper format (e.g. CSV) before importing it. The Tool Kit suggests using […]

CopyFlow Gold for InDesign CS5 5.2 released

CopyFlow Gold allows to export formatted text out of InDesign or QuarkXPress documents to a computerized translation system, and then batch import the translated text back into its original page location — all while preserving the typographic formatting. CopyFlow Gold for Adobe Illustrator is also available. According to the latest post on the developer’s blog, […]

TMbuilder (translation memory export creator)

TMbuilder is a small tool that makes building up TM export/import files as straight-forward as possible. You can use it to batch-import several files in Excel (2003 or 2007) or tab-delimited format and build a Trados-compatible or TMX 1.4b TMX file with a couple of mouse clicks. Here are some more details about the features: […]

TAUS Widget

The Translation Automation User Society (TAUS) offers a desktop program that can be used for searching their database. The TAUS Data Association comprises 45 organizations, including well-known companies as Intel, Dell, eBay, etc. and large language service providers such as Lionbridge and SDL. One of the the main reasons that brought these companies together to […]

PrepTags (file preparation utility for tagged formats) Launched

PrepTags is a file preparation software designed to prepare a wide range of formats using a powerful regular expression engine. It allows to “prep” tagged files such as HTML, PHP, XML, ASP, Javascript, SQL, PO, etc. by converting them to RTF and protecting the code. Once a file is prepared, the translator can use his […]

Creating Firefox smart keywords for quick access to frequently-used translation glossaries, dictionaries, resources, etc.

The Search bar The Firefox Search bar is a convenient method for accessing search sites without first having to visit the site’s home page and locating the search field. So, instead of heading to, finding the search field, typing the search term and pressing enter, you can stay in any page you are on, […]

Olifant Candidate Release 22 available

Olifant is a utility that can be used to maintain translation memory files. It can import (even by drag-and-drop) translation memories in the TMX, tab-delimited and WordFast formats, and it can export to TMX or WordFast. Olifant allows, among other things, to perform the following tasks on translation memories: Flag and remove duplicate entries Create […]