Translating text in AutoCAD drawings

The excellent Translator’s Tools blogĀ  contains a post on TranslateCAD, a utility that can be used to translate files saved in the AutoCAD format. We receive files in this format only occasionally, but I will definitely go back to that post the next time we receive this type of request. via Translator’s Tools | Translating […]

High-quality, free PDF to Word conversion

Using PDF files as the source for a translation is always challenging, especially with documents that have a non-linear text flow like brochures and presentations. Our standard policy is to ask our clients to send the original file that was used to produce the PDF file that they want us to translate. This is usually […]

Caterpillar 1.3: Wordfast-compatible HTML prepping tool

At 30.00 EUR, this inexpensive tool may be a valuable solution for translators who are using tools that do not have file-prepping capabilities (i.e. externalizing or separating and protecting HTML code that does not need to be translated or otherwise changed). Has any one heard of the tool or used it for translation projects? Caterpillar […]