Globalizer.NET localization tool

Globalizer.NET provides a complete solution for localizing software built using Microsoft’s .NET development platform.

Here some of the features, straight from the developer’s information page:

  • Globalizer.NET can be used to localize ASP.NET and Windows Forms applications and components written in Visual Studio 2005 and 2008 using C#, VB.NET and C++.
  • Globalizer.NET can localize the Windows Installer (MSI) files generated by Visual Studio and other tools, into any language
  • Automatically scan Visual Studio Projects and Solutions for resources to translate
  • Globalizer.NET can generate the language specific resource (resx) files for your application and automatically add these into your Visual Studio projects.
  • Build the satellite assemblies (that contain language specific resources) for your application directly using Globalizer.NET. Developers can use this to build localized versions of an application without having to modify the Visual Studio project. Translators can use this mechanism to build and test localized versions of your application without them requiring access to your source code or needing to purchase and use Visual Studio.
  • Translators can install and use the free Translators Edition of Globalizer.NET to translate your applications at no additional cost to you.
  • Test your localized Application directly from Globalizer.NET using a selected locale without having to use the Control Panel to set the locale
  • Allows Translators to preview application forms and controls directly from within Globalizer.NET.
  • Supports importing and exporting industry standard Translation Memory eXchange (TMX) format files to allow interoperability with other Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tools
  • Automatically translate duplicate strings
  • Filter and sort the displayed translations based on a variety of criteria
  • etc.

Here is some pricing information:

Basic License (allows up to 1000 translations per workspace) $120
Standard License (allows up to 5000 translations per workspace) $240
Pro License (unlimited translations) $480

Infralution Globalizer.NET

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