Lingobit Localizer 6.0 (software localization tool) available

Here is the changelog for version 6:

  • New parsers for source code localization: Java, C++, PHP, Perl, Java Script, VB Script, Symbian LOC and RLS files, SQL.
  • Samples for all major platforms and common localization scenarios
  • Now you can translate Style, StyleEx in Win32 applications
  • .NET, MFC and VCL: Flipping for Right-To-Left (RTL) languages localization
  • Terminology added: pretranslate and check consistency
  • Exchange Wizard usability is improved a lot
  • Translation Hints panel: translation matches from terminology, translation memory and Google Translate
  • VCL and .NET: Control mapping in Form Editor. Now you substitute any specific control with common control
  • VCL form editor is improved dramatically: colors, images, alignment, autosize and fonts
  • VCL image localization
  • Multilingual rebranding support
  • Accelerator localization for VC++, MFC
  • Language specific exclude from localized file
  • Automatic translation with Google Translate was improved drammatically
  • Preview fonts and colors in form editor for VCL localization
  • Localizer Standard edition – base functionality for small localization projects
  • Edit Translations allows multiple edit operations for coordinates other parameters.
  • Find panel was redesigned completely
  • More than 500 other improvements for .NET, VCL, MFC, Database and Java localization, usability and productivity

via Lingobit Technologies – Software Localization Tool.

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