memoQfest 2010 – Kilgray technology update

Gábor L. Ugray talked about some new aspects introduced by version 4.0, like the use of “resources” (e.g. the expected translation memories and term bases, but also segmentation rules, filter configurations, QA settings etc.), all of which can be shared on a server and deployed to the various translators from one central point.

Gábor briefly explained the concept of of offline project handoffs, in which the project managers sets the project preferences (like TMs and TBs to uses, as well as more specific settings) and sends handoff packages to the translators, who do not have to worry about the setup, because it’s already contained in the handoff.

New editor created for version 4.0, now unicode-enabled. A vast improvement over the previous versions of the editor, where tasks like selecting text using the keyboard were a bit awkward.

The memoQ server API (for connecting memoQ server to project management systems and customer management systems, for instance) is not complete for 4.0, but it’s going to be fully available for 4.2, to be released this week.

Machine translation integration: Kilgray is still evaluating this feature. There are still some concerns about privacy, licenses, copyrights, etc to be addressed.

Some other concepts in the pipeline: online review interface built around memoQ server (allowing reviewers to work in a browser even if they do not have memoQ), qTerm terminology management system (with TBX support and memoQ integration), plus “two major surprises”, probably two new versions to be released before the end of the year.

Kilgray is also working on terminology extraction features, to be released sometime in the future.

During the Q&A session, the availability of a Java property filter functionality was revealed.

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