Anaphraseus (open source CAT tool) Manual

A brief manual, including screenshots, has been posted for the open source CAT tool Anaphraseus. Here are some of Anaphraseus’ main features: Text segmentation Terminology recognition Plain-text TM (Unicode UTF-16) Fuzzy search in Translation Memory Unicode UTF-16 TMX export/import User glossary extension Update: the previous link does not work any longer. Apparently the domain […]

Anaphraseus (free, open-source, multi-platform translation memory tool based on OpenOffice) version 1.23 beta released

Here is a previous mini-review I wrote about this program. These are the improvements added in this beta version: Clean Up in text tables OmegaT TMX format loading. Slight changes in TM loading code. Simple statistic. Big icons for Ubuntu and MacOS Fixed bug in creation *.ini file on Linux Fixed bug in Vista open/save […]