memoQ masterclass by Angelika Zerfass, part 1

TMX A short comparison between the contents of TMX data coming from different translation tools (Trados 2007, Studio, memoQ). TMX can contain tool-specific information (additional fields, segment status, segment context, alignment penalty, etc.) that’s not easily imported into other tools. If a TMX import does not work, look at the language identifiers first. A memoQ […]

In reply to “How to run two copies of Trados freelance while sharing the same Internet connection”

Riccardo Schiaffino’s excellent blog About Translation had a new intriguing post yesterday about circumventing a limitation in Trados that will not let you run two copies of the freelance version on a LAN. He suggested a hardware-based solution. Read more about this on his post. However, this reminded me of a quick hack I pulled […]

New features of SDL Trados Studio 2009

The English-Bulgarian freelance translator blog has a post detailing some of the new features that will be available in Trados Studio 2009. Judging from the content posted on SDL’s website, it seems that Trados Studio 2009 will be presented during the SDL Trados Roadshow Maidenhead (on April 22nd). Let’s take a brief look at some […]