Anaphraseus (open source CAT tool) Manual

A brief manual, including screenshots, has been posted for the open source CAT tool Anaphraseus. Here are some of Anaphraseus’ main features:

  • Text segmentation
  • Terminology recognition
  • Plain-text TM (Unicode UTF-16)
  • Fuzzy search in Translation Memory
  • Unicode UTF-16 TMX export/import
  • User glossary
  • extension

Update: the previous link does not work any longer. Apparently the domain has expired. A new version of the manual is being published on this page.

Published by Roberto Savelli

English to Italian translator, translation technology enthusiast.

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  1. Hi John,
    thanks for your comment. The page I mentioned has indeed expired and is no longer available. I posted a new link above, but it looks like the manual is still under development.

  2. I am trying to get Anaphraseus 2.01b to work on Open Office 3.3. (Windows 7 Home).
    When trying to create the menu and toolbar I get the following message:

    BASIC syntax error.
    Expected: ,.

    and the menu doesn’t appear. In the macro window, OF setup, the first word “sFile” is highlighted in the line:
    if FileExists(sFile) Then Name sFile As sFile+”.bak”

    Any ideas how to solve this problem?

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