GlobalSight (open-source Translation Management System 7.1.3) released


Here is the changelog:

  • TM Precedence – Adds function in TM Profile to allow arranging of TM order. Presents TM matches to translator in that order.
  • Download All Offline Files – When translating or reviewing offline, new button allows for download of All Files from All Tasks with status “In Progress”  with one click.
  • Consolidate TM’s for offline work – When translating or reviewing offline, allows user the option of consolidating TMX files into one when working a job with multiple source files.
  • TermBase API’s – Allows access to Terminology Management through Web Service API’s. Perform tasks such as add, edit or delete of terminology entries from an external application.
  • New TermBase Search – Provides more flexible and granular search capability on terminology entries.
  • SID Support – provides support for String ID fields in GlobalSight TM’s.
  • XML Rules Testing – Allow ability to test an XML file when building  XML Rules (similar to testing SRX).

Via GlobalSight 7.1.3 Streamlines Offline Translation Process

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