Isometry 1.0.6 – free CAT tool

Isometry is a free computer-assisted translation tool developed by Toshiya Kazuyoshi. We grabbed version 1.0.6 from the FINITE FIELD website. Apparently the last build dates back to April 2006, so this may a point of concern about future developments of the application.

Apart from the usual features offered in modern CAT tools, there are a couple of highlights and shortcomings we’d like to point out:

  • Isometry only supports Unicode text files as the working files for translation. So no support whatsoever is offered for Office documents, let alone more exotic formats such as tagged, XML or XLIFF files.
  • Translation memories can be imported as flat TXT tab-separated Unicode files. TMX is not supported.
  • Quick access to the TM: Quoting from the site: “Preliminary Translation Memory Search. Because this is done in the background, Isometry searches a great volume of TM without making you wait.”
  • According to the author, Isometry may be used under Linux through the Mono Project.

Isometry home page

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