memoQ 4.0 Client released (Server version yet to come). Here are the new features

Yesterday Kilgray released version 4.0 of their translation environment memoQ. To download and test it, you can use this link (update: see below for new link). Here are some links and snippets containing some further information about the new version:

memoQ 4: Interview with István Lengyel on the Localization, Localisation blog.

The following are edited excerpts from the memoQ mailing list on Yahoo Groups. I’m sure the users who submitted them originally won’t mind if I publish them here:

  • Brand new editor, with smaller inline tags display, view hidden spaces, drag & drop.
  • The new editor fixes the scrolling issue existing on 64 bits Windows editions for 3.x
  • Named undo list (like in Microsoft Word)
  • Real-time spellchecking (errors underlined with red squiggle like in Word/Firefox/Thunderbird)
  • Unified "Resource console" to manage all resources
  • On top of TM/TB, autotranslatables, ignore lists, etc. (basically all project settings) are now also treated as resources
  • All resources can be shared and/or imported/exported
  • Easy multilingual project management thanks to a handful of new features (handoff export/import, new stats available, etc.)
  • Handoff import/export relies on open standards for better interoperability
  • Improved QA with less "noise" (false positives)
  • Revamped interface – referred to as the Dashboard, new icons and more modern feel
  • Resolve QA errors – different interface allowing you to hide warnings/errors
  • External view similar to the one found Déjà Vu will not appear in 4.0 but will be ready in 2nd quarter of 2010
  • Post-translation analysis feature, which  Kilgray considers this a major breakthrough
  • If you bought the software between 1 Sept 2008 and 1 Feb 2009, you need to pay an upgrade fee to be eligible for memoQ 4. This relates both to freelancers and corporate users.

Regarding the Server version, it will be available in about two weeks. The developers are ironing out some details in the installer.

2009-02-05 UPDATE:

A new 4.0 build is now available at In this build we have fixed about 30 issues, focusing on the more annoying problems you have been reporting since Monday. In particular, there are improvements in the following areas:
— Migration of legacy settings
— Pre-translation
— memoQ 3.6 an 4.0 in parallel
— Extra tags in DOC/RTF import
— Stability while working in the editor
— Joining and splitting
This version also has the AutoUpdate module enabled again, which means that memoQ will be able to update automatically from this build to the next one, 4.0.17, when that is out. Download and enjoy!

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