OmegaT beta version 2.0.1 released

OmegaT beta version 2.0.1 has been released. The new beta version of OmegaT contains 7 enhancements. Some of them concern usability, such as a more efficient display of glossary matches, while the others focus on extending the possible uses of OmegaT, such as a new console mode for server and batch usage, and a new interface for scripting languages.The user interface is now available in Slovenian. The OmegaT Project always welcomes developers, localizers and users to contribute their experience, knowledge and insights to the software we release.

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  1. please DON'T launch the full release, it would be a very bad idea. the only extremely inconvenient part of it for me, though, is the inbox. i don't get why u guys think the new inbox is so much &qsie;tauoer" to manage. well, its not. DON'T go through with it!

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