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Total recall’s Snowball presented at University of Copenhagen Language Technology Forum

Total Recall’s Snowball is a translation environment tool (still in beta) that introduces several interesting concepts. It can import TMX translation memories and it performs a preliminary term analysis before the translator starts the actual work. During our tests, the import invariably got stuck during the database analysis, so we could not form a final opinion of how well this feature works. We will post a full review as soon as we solve the glitches we encountered. Quoting from Total Recall’s website:

The presentation focused on some key features of Snowball, such as the user-definable popup translation window with its list of translations scrolling to track the words the user selects in the source, computer translation suggestions, and Snowball’s amazing ability to work completely in the background, invisibly storing translation memory segments as the user works and popping up to help only when it recognizes something it’s seen before.

Snowball currently costs € 56.25 and requires Microsoft Word.

Snowball presented and demonstrated at University of Copenhagen Language Technology Forum

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