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Wordfast Pro Translation environment tool version 2.2.1 released


The people in charge of Wordfast development have certainly worked hard since the introduction of Wordfast Pro (the multi-platform tool that uses its separate editor, as opposed to Wordfast Classic, which is Microsoft Word-based). Here is the change log for the latest version, released yesterday. Of particular interest is the "Pre-translate entire file" feature, which may simplify the process of translating Wordfast using a different tools, as explained here.

Added Word 2007 and Excel 2007 Filters

Glossary Stemming (Wildcard searches using *)

Text based formats such as XML and HTML can be opened directly using File > Open

TransCheck supported in table mode

TransCheck can be run while translating

Enable/disable Autopropagation

Edit placeables in the target segment

Pre-translate entire file

Open multiple windows

Adaptive leveraging

via Wordfast: Release Notes.

3 comments to Wordfast Pro Translation environment tool version 2.2.1 released

  • Patrick Corness

    Placeables: Wordfast inserts placeables in my source texts. Wordfast help says you can click in the text of a placeable to edit or remove it, but the cursor cannot be placed anywhere in the source text, so I am stuck with these placeables. Am I missing something?

  • Roberto Savelli

    Hi Patrick, thanks for your comment.

    if you want to get rid of placeables in the source text I think you need to look at the source file using the program that was used to produce it. For instance, placeables can represent the start and the end of bold style n a Word document.

    However, this is not really necessary. If you feel that the placeables are irrelevant for the file you are working on, just do not insert them into the target, or add them to the start or to the end of the translated segment that contains them.

    Hope this helps,


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