What’s new in ApSIC Xbench 2.8 beta

image ApSIC has just released a new beta version of Xbench, the excellent, free terminology management and quality assurance tool.

Among other things, Xbench allows to batch-search large amount of bilingual files such as text files, TMX, TBX, most Trados formats, SDLX, STAR, Wordfast; Deja Vu etc. It also helps spot potential translation quality issues, such as untranslated segments, translation inconsistencies, tag mismatches, double spaces, terminology inconsistencies, etc. Using custom-made checklists, translators can also fine-tune the QA process to their specific needs and find, for instance, banned words or characters.

Here are the new features offered by this latest version:

  • New support for Regular Expressions and Microsoft Word Wildcards. Now it is possible to search and add check list items using regular expressions grammar or Microsoft Word wildcards. This allows you to specify very powerful search expressions that we believe that will allow you to reach a new level with QA searches. You can check out the power of regular expressions and learn how to use them by running the sample search templates provided against a large glossary such as a Microsoft Windows software glossary.
  • Faster search engine. The already fast search engine has been improved in the new search engine to become a 50% faster.
  • More supported formats. Now it also supports SDLX memories, Atril DejaVu and Idiom files, and Logoport RTF files.
  • Categories for checklist items. Now you can organize your checklist items in categories and run them selectively.
  • More fine-grained selection of segments to search. Now you can limit searches to only new segments, only ongoing translation or even exclude locked segments in search results.
  • And many other enhancements and fixes!

Xbench can be downloaded from http://www.apsic.com/en/downloads.aspx.

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