Bitext2tmx – free text aligner and TMX exporter

Bitext2tmx is a program written in Java (and therefore cross-platform) that allows to segment and align corresponding translated sentences from plain text files and generate a TMX translation memory for use in computer-assisted translation applications. The program is quite straightforward: once you have two TXT files (the source document and the corresponding translation) open Bitext2tmx, […]

Google Translate now automatically detects the source language

Google Translate can now detect the language of the source text pasted by the user. This service is rapidly growing into a solid option for fast , casual translations where the user needs to grasp the general meaning of a foreign-language text. In general, the translations seem to be better than the ones offered by […]

SDL Passolo Upgrade “Amnesty” for users of versions 3 and 4 of the localization tool

SDL today announced a so-called “amnesty” upgrade for users of older version of their recently acquired localization tool Passolo. Quoting from the announcement: We continue our offers with an upgrade amnesty for all the PASSOLO veterans, still working with PASSOLO 3 and 4: Upgrade now to one of our special offers such as SDL Passolo […]


This software is a free multi-lingual aggregator of several on-line machine translation services, among which and Systran. The download and installation are pretty straightforward, but in our experience the interface was not very intuitive and the check boxes tended to be rather unresponsive. However, the software works well (if your expectations of machine translation […]

MemoQ build 2.3.13 available

The excellent MemoQ TEnT has been updated. Here are the links: (The small download does not contain the .NET redistributable.) Here ‘s the changelog: Altogether there are 22 fixes in this build, the most important ones have to do with RTF export (corrupt characters). The others include: An error that appeared for some […] Labs – Terminology Extraction

We all know how important glossaries are for making sure that a translation is accurate, and most of all, consistent. There are several tools for managing glossaries on the market, most of them stand-alone applications. Terminology extraction is one important phase of glossary creation, during which the key terms for the glossary are selected. Until […]

The Tool Kit

A great newsletter about translation tools and the translation industry in general. Available in the free or premium version. Receive tips and information about the translation industry and details on common and not-so-common translators’ tools and services. Highly recommended. Quoting from the website: A biweekly newsletter for people in the translation industry who want to […]