Jost Zetzsche video – Reconvergence of MT and TM

The ATA Language Technology Division page contains an interesting video featuring  Jost Zetzsche. In the video, Jost explains how machine translation has rapidly evolved from a separate, quite isolated technology into a new concept that is very much integrated in other translation tools and systems used by human translators. Jost goes on explaining the three main supporting […]

Interesting article on Google’s machine translation system published on “Thoughts on Translation” blog

Corinne McKay’s Thoughts on Translation blog contains a very interesting new post and comments about Google’s machine translation system. She experimented with the system and reported her findings. I’ll go on the record as saying that I think that most translators are much too paranoid about machine translation. MT technology has come a long way, […]

Compendium of translation software: directory of commercial MT and

The Compendium is a long list of  translation environment and machine translation tools, sorted by product name and by supplier, and containing links to the relevant websites. At 100+ pages, this PDF file is a very exhaustive source of information for people interested in computer-assisted and machine translation. New entries are in green.   Compendium […]

Google Translate now automatically detects the source language

Google Translate can now detect the language of the source text pasted by the user. This service is rapidly growing into a solid option for fast , casual translations where the user needs to grasp the general meaning of a foreign-language text. In general, the translations seem to be better than the ones offered by […]


This software is a free multi-lingual aggregator of several on-line machine translation services, among which and Systran. The download and installation are pretty straightforward, but in our experience the interface was not very intuitive and the check boxes tended to be rather unresponsive. However, the software works well (if your expectations of machine translation […]