Okapi Framework (localization tools) release 00022

imageThe Okapi Framework has recently received a general update and is now available as release 00022. Part of Okapi is the TMX editor Olifant, a utility that I strongly recommend to all translators who use translation environments / CAT tools. Below is a brief description of the various components and their main functionalities.

  • Rainbow – A ready-to-use graphical user interface to launch Okapi-compliant utilities. Utilizing Rainbow allows the users to have a simple and common way to specify some of the options of all utilities. Rainbow can also be used in command-line mode.
  • Translation Package Creation – A utility that makes use of the various Okapi filters to extract translatable text from different file formats and generate translation kits in different formats such as XLIFF or RTF that can be used with different translation tools such as Wordfast or Trados Translators Workbench. It can also create more specific packages some products such as OmegaT.
  • The Regex Filter – A component that provides you a way to read and write any text-based file and extract text parts using regular expressions. It implements the programming interface common to the all the Okapi filters. This simplify the development of programs or scripts to perform any type of tasks on the translatable text of the files. Many other formats are have also their own filter.

SourceForge.net: Okapi Framework: Files

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