SDL Passolo Upgrade “Amnesty” for users of versions 3 and 4 of the localization tool

SDL today announced a so-called “amnesty” upgrade for users of older version of their recently acquired localization tool Passolo. Quoting from the announcement:

We continue our offers with an upgrade amnesty for all the PASSOLO veterans, still working with PASSOLO 3 and 4: Upgrade now to one of our special offers such as SDL Passolo 2007 Professional for only €840 or $1,192 (instead of €1050 or $1,490). Get great savings with a 20% discount off our list price representing savings of minimum €210 or $298 and more, depending on your specific edition. Upgrade to SDL Passolo 2007, and:

  • Localize your HTML help files as well as many other file formats
  • Take advantage of the unique and fully integrated SDL Passolo and SDL Trados technology
  • Automate your localization processes
  • Increase your productivity and save time with great new features
  • Reduce your costs by shortening the process time and costs of creating multilingual software applications and related supporting documentation
  • Improve consistency by receiving direct access to existing translated content and approved terminology
  • And finally, don’t worry, SDL Passolo is still very easy to use! Hurry! Offer only valid until 30th June 2008!

However, as pointed out by Riccardo on his blog About Translation, SDL’s choice of the word “amnesty” will undoubtedly raise some brows.

SDL Passolo Upgrade Amnesty

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