memoQ masterclass by Angelika Zerfass, part 2

CSV import of a TM

Use Olifant to open a TMX file, copy all rows (this is actually a great tip for converting a TMX file to a columnar format with just a couple of clicks) and paste to Excel. You can change column headings in Excel. From Excel you have to export as unicode .txt file if you want the procedure to work.

Advanced HTML import procedures

Balázs Kis from Kilgray explains how the standard HTML filter in memoQ will not make some HTML attributes editable (e.g. IMG titles). As a workaround, you can use Import file as… and use the XML import file to specify how every single tag should be treated, so any tag attribute can be made editable. Interestingly, the XML files is always used, behind the scenes, when you import an HTML file using the standard settings.

Bilingual formats managed by memoQ



.TTX (you need to pre-segment TTX files before importing them into memoQ. Unless the file is pre-processed this way, there’s no guarantee that it will work when opening the file in TagEditor). Here’s where the option is located in Trados:



.SDLXLIFF, containing lots of Trados-specific metadata. You can process this type of file in memoQ, but some metadata (like segment status) will not be preserved.

.RTF multi-columnar export, allowing to use other tools or a word processor for reviewing the translation.


Handoff packages

This feature allows the project manager to create an offline project and send handoff packages (containing all the resources needed for carrying out the project, i.e. term bases, translation memories, non-translatables, etc.). If you assign different files to different users, memoQ will create as many packages as the number of translators, and include the translator’s name in its file name. The packages can contain TMX files if the translators have to work offline, or a .TMI file, which is a reference to the server TM, for server-based projects.

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