memoQfest 2010 – Q&A with Kilgray management

After an in-depth explanation of the “do not press this button” button (short answer: you can press it if you find it in a software program but you shouldn’t press it if you are in a steam bath), a Q&A session started with Kilgray management.

Training opportunities and initiatives will be expanded. Some of the information about trainers is already on Kilgray’s  website. Training is seen as a great opportunity for expanding memoQ’s user base.

Suggestion to allow translators to register as memoQ users in order to reach new clients, i.e. memoQ translator marketplace. There are no plans for such a program at this point.

memoQ localized interface and manuals will be available in many more languages very soon.

One recurring request is to have a stripped-down “server” version that would allow two translators to share a resources. The answer may be to adapt the existing offering rather than developing a whole new product.

Another requested feature is the ability to allow the insertion of short translated texts to a TM without going through the procedure of opening an existing project or starting a new one. There are no plans to add such a feature for the time being.

Final words of praise and a warning from one user: Kilgray, please do not lose your personality and accessibility and become a “corporation”.

Published by Roberto Savelli

English to Italian translator, translation technology enthusiast.

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  1. Many thanks for your detailed coverage, it’s much appreciated and I’m forwarding it to a few others who also couldn’t make it to Budapest.

  2. Hi Udo, thanks for your comment and I hope too that other people who could not attend will find my note-taking useful. memoQfest 2010 is a great conference!

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