Anaphraseus 1.21 beta

Anaphraseus (formerly OpenWordfast) is a CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tool, 2 macro set similar to Wordfast. It works with Wordfast Translation Memory format (*.TXT). Supports text segmentation. Features: term recognition, fuzzy search, Unicode support.

Installation is pretty easy. We tried it with 3.0 Beta:

  • Download the Anaphraseus extension here
  • Launch OpenOffice Writer and select Tools > Extension Manager
  • Click on Add… and navigate to the extension you just downloaded (Anaphraseus-1.21-beta.oxt in our case)
  • Click on Open, accept the License Agreement and check that Anaphraseus is installed under My Extensions
  • Restart OpenOffice Writer for the changes to take effect
  • The Anaphraseus menu should now be available in Writer
  • To enable the Anaphraseus toolbar, choose View > Toolbars > Add-On 1

Here is the Anaphraseus toolbar with the familiar functions offered by most TEnTs:

Pressing the Setup button brings up the Setup window, which has very basic functions that allow to:

  • Select an existing TM, create a new TM, reorganize a TM, invert the TM source/target and export the TM as ANSI or TMX file
  • Select, create, reorganize glossaries and specify the use of glossaries (termbases)
  • Specify user IDs, untranslatable characters, sentence delimiters and the fuzzy match threshold

We tried Anaphraseus on a test project and it worked as advertised. However, we found the feature set very limited, especially as far as file format support is concerned. The program can be an acceptable choice for translators who work with Word files or other file formats that can be properly opened and saved by OpenOffice Writer. However, there does not seem to be any support for tagged formats (XML, MIF, HTML, etc.), not even if the tagged files are preformatted with an external tool such as Raibow, S-Tagger or the Trados macros. This makes Anaphraseus much less palatable to agencies or translators who need a slightly more complex workflow than just translating plain RTF or Word files. Hopefully this will change in future versions.

Anaphraseus website

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