GlobalSight Release 7.1.1 Now Available

imageGlobalSight, the open-source translation management system initiative, has published an update. Here are the details:

The new GlobalSight release 7.1.1 is now available in the Download section. See below for details.

The download also includes the new Upgrade Installer application, which will simplify the update process going forward. Instructions are included in the download.

This update includes the following:


  • New Upgrade Installer application
  • Enhancement for adding new locale pairs – for only
  • Enables some features by default during GlobalSight installation
  • Update XLIFF support to make it TMX compatible

Fixed Bugs:

  • Unable to upload text offline files
  • The number of days for Duration is wrong in email
  • Error when PM user clicks on Activities
  • System Error in Popup Editor/View PDF for Ubuntu
  • Can’t export using DesktopIcon, Http response code 505
  • Translator can access the Globalsight.log
  • Segment Editor failed to find terminology matches
  • “Taiwan” time zone description is set to “Taiwon” wrongly
  • Update the “year” in About GlobalSight
  • Update Ambassador to GlobalSight in Upload Aligner Package page
  • Blank uid error in ldap
  • Download finished files modify date
  • The Duration time is not actual time in Job Details report
  • Fail to create new job using some PPTX files
  • Skip Activity does not work if a workflow contains 2 or more Condition Nodes

via GlobalSight Release 7.1.1 Now Available.

Published by Roberto Savelli

English to Italian translator, translation technology enthusiast.

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