OmegaT 1.8.0 update 2 released

OmegaT, the free (GPL) translation memory tool, has received a minor release update. Quoting from the changelog:

The version 1.8 update 2 contains the same changes as the 1.7.3 update 3. In addition, it contains a number of small enhancements and bug fixes specific to 1.8, notably concerning the user interface and spellchecking. The Catalan localization has been updated.
OmegaT 1.8.0 update 2 Changes
1.8.0 update 2 vs. 1.8.0 update 1
3 Enhancements
4 Bugfixes
1.8.0 update 2
Other enhancements:
– Spellchecking dialogs now have a title
– Non-breaking spaces are trimmed from translatable text
– Catalan localisation updated to 1.8 (UI)

Bug fixes:
– Spellchecking dialogs not dismissable with [esc]
– Wrong Import file dialog title
– Hunspell not working on Linux 64-bit
– Non-ascii char badly handled in hunspell lib loading on OS-X

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