Virtaal translation tool launched

The Translate Toolkit website reports the launch of Virtaal, a “graphical translation tool”.

Here is a list of features:

  • Support for many localization file formats:
    • Gettext (.po and .mo)
    • XLIFF (.xlf)
    • TMX
    • TBX
    • WordFast TM (.txt)
    • Qt Linguist (.ts)
    • Qt Phrase Book (.qph)
  • Ideal for beginners:
    • Simple and intuitive layout
    • Highlighting of XML and escape characters
    • Displays comments from programmers and previous translators
    • Displays context (like msgctxt in PO)
    • Localisation guide available from the Help menu
  • Productive environment:
    • Fast and easy navigation within the file
    • Auto-correction based on’s auto-correction data files
    • Auto-completion modelled after
    • Automatic sensing of the initial cursor position
    • Copying original string to target string taking your language’s punctuation rules into account
    • Easily find your work by moving between the units that are untranslated or fuzzy
  • Searching with regular expressions and Unicode normalisation
  • Spell checker for translation and original text (might not work on all Windows platforms)
  • Debug compiled application translations by opening .mo files directly
Here are some screenshots, a brief tutorial and the download page.

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