Wordfast Pro 2.3 released

Wordfast Pro 2.3 is out. It’s available for Windows only for the moment. Here’s the changelog:

New Features:

  • Wordfast Aligner™ BETA**
  • MIF, PDF, and TTX support
  • Machine Translation Integration
  • MS Office Spellchecker option
  • TM Administration Module**
  • User-Defined Segmentation


  • Autopropagation now has orange color coding
  • Added placeable shortcuts
  • Allow for full connection string to be entered when defining a Remote TM connection
  • Added Concordance search on Target
  • Added shortcut for Confirm/Unconfirm Segment
  • Copy source / target glossary terms options added
  • Memory used by Wordfast can now be adjusted for opening larger files
  • Ability to confirm and unconfirm multiple segments has been added
  • Added Norwegian Bokmal support and spellcheckers
  • Added Toggle between capitalization option and shortcut
  • Added Ctrl+H in addition to Crtl+F as a find/replace shortcut
  • Removed marking segments as unconfirmed when clicking on another segment
  • Pressing Ctrl+Tab copies individual word from source to target
  • Warning added when user copies all source to target
  • Right-click in editor options updated

**Feature is not present in the free demo version.Available with the purchase of a license only

Wordfast Pro website

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