XTM Version 4.0 coming next week

XTM-logoAn e-mail sent from XTM today describes some of the new features offered by XTM (“the leading web 2.0 complete translation environment”) version 4.0:

  1. Documents can be split into bundles of segments to allocate to multiple resources.
  2. Multiple translators and reviewers can work simultaneously on one document.
  3. Greater flexibility within the workflow to reroute jobs and reallocate resources.
  4. Many more standard workflows available for selection.
  5. Enhanced project metrics showing the progress of each step of the workflow.
  6. Individual translator statistics for progress monitoring and reporting.
  7. Improved performance from XTM Engine for analysis and matching.
  8. PDF filter – XTM can now process PDF files.
  9. Faster and more consistent processing of complex .doc files.

To sign up for a free test drive of XTM version 4.0, click here

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