PrepTags (file preparation utility for tagged formats) Launched

preptags PrepTags is a file preparation software designed to prepare a wide range of formats using a powerful regular expression engine. It allows to “prep” tagged files such as HTML, PHP, XML, ASP, Javascript, SQL, PO, etc. by converting them to RTF and protecting the code. Once a file is prepared, the translator can use his regular CAT tool to translate it. PrepTags-prepared files can be translated with Wordfast, Trados, Deja Vu, MemoQ, and any other tool with support for prepared RTF files (a format originally designed for Trados).

There are 3 versions:

  • PrepTags Lite: Free and functional but limited to 1 file at a time and without advanced features.
  • PrepTags – eBook: €15. Comes together with TransBook. Limited to 20 files at a time, but without advanced features.
  • PrepTags Pro: €39. Fully functional and unlimited number of files.

The PrepTags website contains video tutorials to help will the installation and use of the the program.

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