TAUS Widget

The Translation Automation User Society (TAUS) offers a desktop program that can be used for searching their database. The TAUS Data Association comprises 45 organizations, including well-known companies as Intel, Dell, eBay, etc. and large language service providers such as Lionbridge and SDL. One of the the main reasons that brought these companies together to […]

List of glossaries and parallel texts on en.europa-eu-audience

This link contains a list of well-known (and less well-known, at least to me) linguistic resources that can be useful to translators. I’m looking forward to adding any bilingual resources found here to our website’s English-Italian search engine. en.europa-eu-audience: Multilingual resources, parallel texts and translation. Tweet

Compendium of translation software: directory of commercial MT and

The Compendium is a long list of  translation environment and machine translation tools, sorted by product name and by supplier, and containing links to the relevant websites. At 100+ pages, this PDF file is a very exhaustive source of information for people interested in computer-assisted and machine translation. New entries are in green.   Compendium […]

Open-Tran.eu – depository of open-source localization strings

Open-Tran.eu is a searchable database of strings taken from several open-source applications and operating systems. Here’s an example of how the system works: go to Open-Tran.eu, choose the source language, the target language and type a string that you would like to look up. Finally, click on “Translate”. In the example below, we are looking […]