Italian Localization problem n.2 – Father’s Day

While localizing a slogan for a camera manufacturer that will offer specials for Father’s Day, I pointed out to our client that they are a couple of months late for Italian. Here are the countries that celebrate on March 19th (St. Joseph): And here is when the majority of countries celebrate: For other countries and […]

Meme Miner: get translations of Wikipedia article titles

Wikipedia is a good source of terminology. Wikipedia articles often appear on top of Google search results about specific terms of concepts, and since many articles are translated, or at least written in different languages, it’s often sufficient to click on the corresponding target language in the Wikipedia Languages side bar to jump to the […]

demaquina Select: sub-sentence segmentation, propagation etc. on TMX, XLIFF [@joaoalb]

a tweet I “intercepted” today led me to this potentially interesting interesting tool: demaquina Select. from the website: Select is a sidekick tool for preprocessing and boost works on CATs with support for XML Localization Interchange File Format (XLIFF) and Translation Memory Interchange (TMX). Select offers an unequaled sub-sentence free segmentation ability which together with […]

Free PDFUnlock! web service allows to remove limitations from PDF files [@PDFUnlock]

Reference material plays a very important part in most translation projects. We often receive reference files from our clients, and sometimes we have to find them ourselves through web searches or by browsing the client’s website. The management and usage of reference files is one aspect that has been introduced in memoQ’s LiveDocs feature, which […]

Okapi Framework (components and applications for localizing and translating documentation and software) Milestone 9

A new release of the Okapi Tools is available. Also, there is now a wiki for Okapi’s help and documentation: Changes Log – Sep-30-2010 Download page for latest stable release: Main Web site: Google Code Project site: Download page for latest development snapshots: Changes from M8 to M9 Rainbow: Translation […]

Translating Wordfast Pro TXML files in memoQ

Please note that this procedure no longer applies since version 5 of memoQ, which allows to open, translate and export TXML files directly. (Updated on 2010-09-24 with some corrections, new filters and procedures for pretranslated files, and simplified procedure) We sometimes receive files that have been processed using the latest version of WordFast Pro. These […]

Dynamic Translation Memory: Using Statistical Machine Translation to improve Translation Memory Fuzzy Matches

I came across this interesting paper by Ergun Biçici 1 and Marc Dymetman. In short: The paper proposes to perform this automation in the following  way: a phrase-based Statistical Machine  Translation  (SMT)  system (trained on  a  bilingual  corpus  in the same domain as the TM) is combined with the TM fuzzy match, by extracting from […]