Translating Wordfast Pro TXML files in memoQ

Please note that this procedure no longer applies since version 5 of memoQ, which allows to open, translate and export TXML files directly. (Updated on 2010-09-24 with some corrections, new filters and procedures for pretranslated files, and simplified procedure) We sometimes receive files that have been processed using the latest version of WordFast Pro. These […]

Importing the Microsoft Terminology Collection

The latest Tool Kit contains a nice description and details about importing the newly-available Microsoft Terminology Collection into the translation environment of your choice. If your tool does not support the TBX format, however, you will have to transform the data into the proper format (e.g. CSV) before importing it. The Tool Kit suggests using […]

Wordfast Pro 2.3 released

Wordfast Pro 2.3 is out. It’s available for Windows only for the moment. Here’s the changelog: New Features: Wordfast Aligner™ BETA** MIF, PDF, and TTX support Machine Translation Integration MS Office Spellchecker option TM Administration Module** User-Defined Segmentation Improvements: Autopropagation now has orange color coding Added placeable shortcuts Allow for full connection string to be […]

Wordfast Pro Translation environment tool version 2.2.1 released

The people in charge of Wordfast development have certainly worked hard since the introduction of Wordfast Pro (the multi-platform tool that uses its separate editor, as opposed to Wordfast Classic, which is Microsoft Word-based). Here is the change log for the latest version, released yesterday. Of particular interest is the "Pre-translate entire file" feature, which […]